Susan Rasco

Susan Rasco has been with Wright-Way longer then anyone, except Nanci and Woody, making her an institution around here. After 22 years with us she has become an honorary member of the Wright family—a position she takes up with grace, acting as the mother hen to the Wright-Way flock. Additionally, Susan has had a hand in just about every aspect of the businesses at one time or another. Currently her assignment is the operations and management of the Maid Service, our flagship service of 30 years! Susan takes great pride in continuing to give our clients the most professional and dependable service available at a competitive price. She does all of the job estimating, arranges the crew’s schedules, and keeps the supplies stocked up so that our qualified crews have everything they need to perform to the highest of the abilities. Not only that, Susan also assists in the payroll and accounting departments of most of the divisions of Wright-Way.
While not taking care of the Wright-Way family Susan loves taking care of her 2 children and 3 lovely granddaughters. In her off time she enjoys riding her Harley, cycling, camping and kayaking. She keeps talking about someday retiring with her husband of 48 years, but we don’t like to think about that!